The Opportunity

We all have a background life experience and skills set and are in different stages of our life and happen to be in a certain economic, political, cultural or ethnic situation.

Our experience, knowledge and personal and business networking may be rich and wide or somewhat limited. But they are worth a great deal given the right opportunity in which to apply them.

Ecocarrier presents a real opportunity for you to utilize (put to good use) your set of attributes without requiring you to invest large sum of money or taking any risk with your money.

Ecocarrier’s modus operandi (mode of operation) is one that is built on and is to thrive on the synergy of the partners.

It is always a Win-Win-Win-Win proposition for/to all parties concerned.

Ecocarrier’s claim to fame is

Ecocarrier delivers


to its partners, the Resellers


  • a new graduate unable to get an employment position in which to apply your knowledge and training
  • a new Landed Immigrant in Canada possessing a great deal of business experience and special skills set and yet unable to get suitable employment position
  • an IT or ICT professional that has lost the security of a permanent employment or has suffered the reduction of earnings due to work sharing program
  • a retired professional who has completed a long working career and yet wants to live an interesting and fulfilling life in the business world


    Be a Reseller of Ecocarrier’s managed services

    A Reseller needs only to have US$1500 to start a Reseller Relationship with Ecocarrier:

    US$500 for a one-time set-up service charge for one kind of managed service and a prepayment of US$1000 to cover the cost of usage to be incurred by the end user customer using Ecocarrier’s service for making telephone calls.

    Reseller’s business revenue typically goes from US$0 to US$200 daily within the first month.

    Within the first 3 months, the daily revenue could rapidly increase to US$500 – US$1000 daily.

    The profit margin is 20% - 30% of the revenue. Your overhead expenditure is very small as the whole business is based on a managed service model.

    You have all the remote management facility to an effective and efficient operation of the business. You only need to have the use of a browser (Internet Explorer) to log on to Ecocarrier’s servers to do the management and accounting functions for the business.

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