EcoCarrier Managed Services

Ecocarrier offers to Reseller an extensive line of managed services for making and receiving international calls with a fixed line telephone or a mobile handset to a fixed line or mobile telephone number worldwide.

These include a SuperMVNO Program of services

Ecocarrier is a SuperMVNE  ( ) an Enabler of the suite of managed services for making and receiving international calls from/at a mobile handset either in one’s home country GSM network or while roaming in the GSM networks of some 435 GSM operators in 189 countries.

We propose that you consider reselling the following Ecocarrier managed services:

  • EcoGSM handset and EcoGSM service
    • Triband Triple SIM mobile handset for great convenience and
    • one SIM for mobile roaming in 189 countries and saving of 55% - 90%
  • SuperSet and SuperSet service 
  • Quad-band Dual SIM mobile handset with built-in TV and FM radio for great convenience and
  • one SIM for mobile roaming in 189 countries and saving of 55% - 90%

  • SafariSIM Service
    • 3G SIM issued with the IMSI (SIM Identity) of various of the world's largest mobile operators
    • One SIM for mobile roaming voice calls in 600+ mobile networks of 200+ countries
    • Lowest costs & greatest savings on all mobile roaming calls
    • Premium high quality service
    • Free of charge when receiving incoming calls in more than 50+ countries
    • Save up to 85% on every call
    • No charge on receiving SMS

  • 011Save or 00Save service
    • A prepaid service that anyone can use for making calls to any telephone number  from a mobile handset or a fixed line phone whose telephone number has been pre-registered with Ecocarrier’s 011Save service
    • End user gets saving of  55% - 85%
  • Eco123 service
    • An Universal Prepaid Calling Card service that works anywhere in the world with a local telephone set or a mobile phone with a local SIM to make international calls at saving of 55% - 90%
  • QCallShop service
    • A proven reliable way for setting up Telephone Calls Service facility for walk-in customers.  Especially ideal for use in parts of a country where there are no existing telephone lines but Internet connection service is available through wireless radio network or satellite earth station
  • Please invest some time in reading the information presented at the above-stated websites.

    If, at first, you find the information overwhelming, please do not despair, you really do not need to know how everything works.

    All you need to be able to do is

    to identify and organize sub-resellers and end customers and to articulate the value proposition of the managed services and sell the services to the target customers.

    Our sales representative will explain each of the managed services in simple terms to you – it is really NOT difficult to understand.

    Your customers, the end users, need not know and need not be bothered with the details of how things work either. All they need to know is

    1. what service to use to meet certain of their requirement and
    2. how to use the service

    We have to make sure the Ecocarrier service that is offered to the end user is always high-quality, reliable service at best value.

    Please send enquiry to

    Reseller’s business revenue typically goes from US$0 to US$200 daily within the first month.

    Within the first 3 months, the daily revenue could rapidly increase to US$500 – US$1000 daily.

    The profit margin is 20% - 30% of the revenue. Your overhead expenditure is very small as the whole business is based on a managed service model.

    You have all the remote management facility to an effective and efficient operation of the business. You only need to have the use of a browser (Internet Explorer) to log on to Ecocarrier’s servers to do the management and accounting functions for the business.