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peopleEcocarrier Inc. ( www.ecocarrier.com ) is a facility-based telephone service provisioner that

  • offers value-added and value-enhanced managed services for making international telephone calls – both fixed line and mobile from a fixed line telephone or a mobile handset or a GSM roaming handset - through a network of resellers in countries worldwide to the end users in the resellers’ respective countries or market regions and
  • provides carrier services for call termination to wholesale customers for A-Z destination countries.

We look for forming strategic alliances with reliable, credible business partners in all countries worldwide.

In the business model for managed services, the reseller is required to be an enterprise or an entrepreneur that has established a significant customer base or a business network and is able to effectively and efficiently promote and sell Ecocarrier’s managed services.

Ecocarrier provides complete management facility on-line to all resellers to enable them to have real-time management capability for operating the managed-services-based business effectively and efficiently.

The investment required of the reseller for starting a reseller relationship with Ecocarrier to resell any of the managed services is minimal. There is little or no requirement to invest in capital equipment. In most cases, the reseller needs only to have a PC pre-installed with Internet Explorer for use to log on to Ecocarrier’s managed servers.

The one most important pre-requisite for a successful resellership is the reseller’s ability to identify and organize sub-resellers and end customers and to articulate the value proposition of the managed services and sell the services to the target customers.

Important facts about Ecocarrier

  • Premium service quality – Ecocarrier has established carrier relationships with all major carriers for using their premium/white service routes and with various incumbent telephone companies for guaranteed high quality white service routes for call termination to A-Z destination / countries
  • Proven reliable service platform supported by a responsive competent technical service and support and NOC (Network Operations Center) teams
  • Currently process through its service platforms more than 40 million minutes monthly for traffic originating from more than 75 countries for call termination to the rest of the world.
  • Ecocarrier’s managed services cater to more than 1 million regular end users through a network of some 500 resellers worldwide A Reseller needs only to have US$1500 to start a Reseller Relationship with Ecocarrier:
  • US$500 for a one-time set-up service charge and a prepayment of US$1000 to cover the cost of usage to be incurred by the end user customer using Ecocarrier’s service for making telephone calls. Reseller’s business revenue typically goes from US$0 to US$200 daily within the first month. The growth rate is phenomenal.

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